Matej Novota

Head of Data & Complaints

Matej is the head of both the Casino Guru casino review team and its complaint resolution team. He and his team spend their days collecting, evaluating, and updating casino-related data, making them the main driving force behind the internet’s biggest and most up-to-date database of online casinos. On top of that, along with our complaint resolution team, Matej addresses players’ complaints from all over the world and helps them resolve any issues they may have encountered when dealing with an online casino.

Before joining Casino Guru, Matej worked as a software specialist and later as a software engineer. He became a part of our Casino Guru family when our database contained only about 40 online casinos. Not long after joining, Matej played a crucial role in creating our sophisticated online casino review process. Through it, we can rate online casinos in a way that fully reflects their quality, reputation, and attitude towards players. Ever since its inception, Matej has tirelessly worked on improving our data-driven methodology, adapting it to the latest changes in the online gambling ecosystem, and ensuring our casino reviews are the best on the market.

But professionally crunching data and solving players’ burning issues are not Matej’s only hobbies. He enjoys setting his mouth on fire with super spicy foods like his favorite fried tofu with green peppers sharp as a razor’s edge. In the past, he used to burn these calories off either through spelunking or paragliding. That has left him with the nickname of a “technically average person” since he spent half his time high above the ground and the other half far below it. But nowadays, Matej is a family man, spending the little free time he has with his son.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Matej, he attends most major online gambling conferences, including London, Lisbon, Malta, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Kyiv. He does this to stay informed about all the important happenings from the online casino world.

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